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One of our community's most popular features is our Question from a BoyMom series on The MOB Society Facebook page!

Each weekday, we feature two questions from members of our community — these questions come straight from their hearts and are directly tied to our mission of raising up the next generation of godly men! We've discovered that BoyMoms love to share wisdom and encouragement along the parenting journey! This generous and compassionate inclination of mothers of boys is one of the things we love most about our vibrant Facebook community!

If you have a question you'd like featured in that space, here is some information you might find helpful:

How do I submit a question for the "Question from a Boymom" Feature?

It's pretty easy — simply fill out the form below! But be sure to read through the rest of the information on this page first — your question will have a better chance of being featured if you follow the guidelines below! Also, this form is reserved for this feature, if you have a general comment/inquiry for our team, please use our main contact form — just click over here!

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Why hasn’t my question been posted?
I submitted it several weeks ago!

We get so many submissions for our Question from a BoyMom feature that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! We typically have a decent queue of questions that are on deck to be featured on our Facebook page, so you may not see yours right away! And while we do our best to feature as many reader questions as possible, unfortunately, we can’t use them all. So, we focus on selecting questions that will benefit the largest percentage of our community. If your question wasn't chosen this time, please feel free to submit it again!

What kinds of questions are you looking for?

It might be better to ask what kinds of questions we’re NOT looking for. We try to post as many questions as we can and we're pretty open to a large variety of topics. However, we tend to shy away from questions that are better suited for your pediatrician, psychiatrist, or any question that is too controversial in nature for our community. We also reserve the right to edit questions for length. The shorter they are, the more people will take the time to read them and provide a helpful response. 

Will I be notified that my question has been chosen?
And If I miss it, can you send me the answers?

We try hard to let you know if and when we can use your submission in the Question from a BoyMom feature. But please, as with all things, give us grace? Most of our administrative team members are young moms of young children. For that reason (and because we’re sinners capable of messing up or forgetting things just like you), we beg for lots of grace in this area. Additionally, our team cannot manage sending answers and links back to the original poster of each question — so, if you've been notified that your submission is going to be featured, make note of the day and time we give you — then, check the Facebook page and locate the answers you need!

What if people get ugly in the comments and attack me (or each other)?
Will you protect me?

Our Community Manager moderates our Facebook page with two main purposes:

  1. To connect with mothers of boys, encourage them, and provide them with the tools they need to help them in the pursuit of raising godly men.
  2. To remove offensive comments, spam, or comments that are in direct opposition to everything we stand for.

What does that mean, specifically?

We want everyone to feel at home on our Facebook page, but what we choose to post or allow on our page is ultimately up to us. We won't delete comments that disagree with us respectfully, but if they go beyond common disagreement — they will be removed. For example:

  • If comments are offensive to the team or our readers (they contain offensive language, are deliberate insults toward our ministry, or are trying to harm us in some way), they're removed.
  • If comments are aggressive spam, they’re removed. We have no tolerance for this.
  • If comments attack another reader. This is one of the fastest ways to get the leadership team to remove comments and ultimately block that user from our page. We try very hard not to tolerate attacks on the page and constantly encourage our readers to give grace as much as possible.

While we personally spend time on this page every day and take time on a weekly basis to read through as many comments as we can, it’s almost impossible for our team to go through every single response and moderate them all.

We take the influence God has given us extremely seriously and have made hard decisions in the past to maintain that with excellence, but with over 150K friends it’s just humanly impossible for us to moderate every single comment or post. That’s why we have the guidelines above in place to help us know where it’s most important to spend our time.

We hope this helps you understand why we choose to leave certain comments alone. Our heart is to respect where others are in their walk with Christ, and realize that while some have been Christians for many years and know the Bible through and through, others are brand new to the faith, and need as much grace and love as we can possibly give.

If you’ve gotten to the end of this, you deserve an award!
Thanks so much for sticking with us!
We look forward to hearing your questions!